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Accreditation of Educational Institutions for Courses Offered and Cyber Security Compliance

Educational institutions are open to apply for Accreditation for the courses offered on-premises and online. The institution is further assesed based on cybersecurity best practices guidelines for maintaining end-to-end security helping institutions gain utmost trust among prospective and existing students. Accreditation is open to Schools, Colleges, Universities & Training Providers.

In a world where digital environments are an inseparable integral part of the higher education institution, it’s important to protect student, faculty, and research data while allowing space for effective collaboration. While cyber attackers put their heart and soul in stealing and compromising data at an alarming pace, college and university chief information security officers and their security leadership teams also face high expectations from senior academic and administrative leadership to develop and maintain a sound cyber risk governance.

Upon meeting the requirements for Accreditation on their existing courses and for the best practices on cybersecurity compliance, the Educational Institution gains Full Accreditations in the following areas;

  • Accreditation for the courses conducted by the Educational Institution
  • Accreditation for cybersecurity compliance for the Institution

Cybersecurity Policies Implementation for Accreditation

  • Clean Desk Policy
  • Bluetooth Security Policy
  • Security Training for Staff Policy
  • Encryption Policy
  • Organizational Ethics Policy
  • Information Security Exception Policy
  • Software Installation Policy
  • Social Media Security Guideline
  • Database Credentials Policy
  • Digital Signature Acceptance Policy
  • Email Security Policy
  • Web Application Security Policy
  • Password Construction Guideline
  • Password Protection Policy
  • Workstation Use Policy
  • Firewall Configuration Policy

Hardening & Securing Network Resources for Accreditation

  • Windows Server Hardening
  • Windows Workstation Hardening
  • Web Application Hardening
  • Firewall and Gateway Hardening
  • Linux / RedHat Server Hardening
  • Wireless Network Hardening